Fit3d Body Scan

Fit3d Body Scan image of woman using the LEANLIFE INC machine in Pueblo, CO

Compelling & Precise Evaluations

LEANLife, Inc., your trusted partner in successful weight loss, integrates the transformative capabilities of the Fit3D 3D Body Scanner. This cutting-edge technology securely and precisely empowers your members to capture and vigilantly track essential data, becoming a cornerstone in their journey toward wellness and their desired body shape.

Through LEANLife, Inc.'s innovative approach, individuals gain access to a comprehensive suite of invaluable insights. This includes the generation of a lifelike 3D avatar, meticulous measurements of circumferences, detailed assessments of body composition, in-depth analysis of posture, and the continuous tracking of weight and balance. These key metrics, alongside an array of additional insights, form an integral part of the personalized strategies provided by LEANLife, Inc., guiding members toward achieving their weight loss goals effectively and sustainably.

FIT3D image featuring their tagline DON'T JUST FEEL RESULTS, SEE THEM and the figure of a woman

Discover Your Healthiest Self with 3dfit body scans

  • Transform Your Body

    Access the Fit3D 3D Body Scanner through LEANLife, Inc.'s specialized weight loss programs, offering you a precise and comprehensive tool to track your body's changes accurately.

  • Access Comprehensive Insights

    Delve into in-depth assessments of your body composition, posture analytics, and continuous tracking of weight and balance, accessing a wealth of insights crucial for your weight loss journey.

  • Achieve Lasting Results

    Take the first step toward a healthier, happier you by enrolling with LEANLife, Inc., and embracing the future of successful weight loss through innovative scanning technology.


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